A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A week ago I met the grandsons of Vorster and Verwoed. And we had tea. The guy who organised it is the young incoming editor for Rapport, City Press’ (the weekly paper I write for) sister paper. He himself comes from influential Afrikaaner stock.

This is an article in Afrikaans. Click here to take it to google translate

I will ask the author to translate it himself so that the context is correct. In the mean time enjoy this read.

Why I stopped chasing girls…

How a feisty girl changed my outlandish ways

Man, we men have been in the dog-box lately haven’t we? With good reason.


Many of our fellows are letting the team down you know. Perhaps, if we had been in the dog-box more frequently as youngsters, maybe we’d all be acting right?


In the event, there is always a moment that sets one on the correct path. And I don’t think it’s always glorious. Here is my here-thereto unspoken tale of what set me right (sorta, kinda).

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I Love Stories…

First Published as the Magic of Story Time in Times & Sowetan, March 2013 

I love stories. I love storybooks.

I still remember some of my childhood stories. I can’t even say I had a favourite story – I just loved story time. Even when I was older, I made sure I had my story time. Meanwhile, my mother made sure I was always exposed to books.


When I was 11, I discovered the most interesting library. It was in an ANC camp for MK soldiers in Angola, just outside Luanda.

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Oscar, our Hero

First Published in City Press March 3, 2013

Growing up South African I have become aware of one thing, it’s not so much the fact that I can become anything I wish that is encouraged, but the fact that I can get away with anything should I so wish…images-16

I’m sure Oscar Pistorius has learned the same lesson. And just to affirm this, his family keeps putting their foot in their mouths. They should consider a sock rather.

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