A Bucketload of Questions…

First Published in City Press, June 16 2013

Wow, how crappy has the past fortnight been for the Youth League?


First, the news that the League had dumped human doodoo where only gods tread. Then there was the ambush of the Premier’s convoy. If we didn’t know why officials have such large entourages it’s because s*** happens.

poo1 protesters-throw-feaces-in-SA

Then there was the little matter of an application to liquidate the League, which’s financials were so “chaotic and in shambles” (the ANC’s words) that debts related to our 2008 Conference were presenting themselves as a R 15m sword of Damocles. This is the Conference many will remember for exposing us to a bum or two.2399896945_cfdfd8ac2f

Finally there was the announcement that the interim leadership (the NTT of which the writer is a member) had disbanded more leadership structures than most political parties have active members.

It’s enough to give a “youth leader” sleepless nights. Or endless plot ideas for TV serials. – The Young & the Turgid?

One needs strong bowels in SA politics. And stronger powers of analysis to see what’s beneath it all.

Like all stenches, the news of the poo wars first got to me on twitter. I doubled-checked if any one in the NTT had given the directive for a poop offensive. “No!” came the emphatic response.

So why the credit?

In the last local election we saw many were known ANC members stand as independents for election. Did this suddenly mean the ANC was standing against the ANC?

Not likely. They were citizens exercising the democratic rights they’d fought for. In reality, no formation has done more to groom civil-activists than the ANC-led anti-Apartheid movement. Ask me.

Yet, the faeces -flingers were simply dismissed as agents of a party-plan. Not concerned citizens engaged in a kak form of protest. Presumably ANCYL members can’t be concerned community members.

What would possess someone to lug those disgusting plastic-loos around, scoop out doles of other people’s excrement, manipulate it like play-dough, and carry it around in buckets, as if it was water from a river?

A friend surmised “The DA after years of trying to break into the real black market is now faced with real black problems.” Problems like dignity.

images-12Yet, they shoveled the issue onto the doorstep of the League. Suprise, Suprise, this week’s rendition of the blame game didn’t flush it away.

As we call the turd squad to account, so too should we crap on the administrators that have allowed such a stink to fester. linger, and spill over.

Speaking of administration…

We all understand fed up, especially when you haven’t been paid in 5 years!

Strangely, however made no attempt to find resolution with NTT, the new guys responsible for getting their money, was made, more-so after having being notified that the League hasn’t enough assets to pay for the postage stamps on their legal correspondence.

Yet there’s been a determined push to push the League into administration.

Could this be political? An attempt to further embarrass the League. As if.

Or perhaps to incapacitate it. Could it be that installing an administrator reigns in the most dynamic cog in the ANC’s electioneering machine?

Is politics making me paranoid?

I dissolve, I mean I digress…

The key lesson this teaches is the importance of accountability – both financial and otherwise. I found it ironic that some who presided over a period of obvious unaccountability have the gumption to ask for more money to found new-found political ambitions.

It guess it’s a South African trait – the scores of single mothers in society attest to our penchant for just doing our nasty business and moving on. No questions asked.

Sadly, many more disciplined comrades didn’t fare as well. They’ve actually had to face up to the consequences of some of our then leaders’ actions.

You see the assessment the NTT team members made of the different regions were uncannily similar – there was a dearth of programmes, discipline and leadership. A comment I heard in one Regional meeting was telling: “we call our leaders Polar Bears, because they hibernate”.

And whilst some suggested that the wholesale disbandments of leadership structures was unfair as not everyone was problematic, our tenet of collective leadership means everyone in the chain of command had to assume responsibility for the state of affairs. That’s the hard, smelly side of accountability.

We’re well aware that what we do next will determine just how far well, and how quickly we pull the League out of the muck.

Let us add accountability to the wish list of characteristics the League will once again grow into.

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