#flashback: Invisible People

I wrote this January 2012. It was meant to be a chapter in my first book, Becoming, but ended on the cutting room floor. I found it an interesting look into my mindset at the time. So much has changed. So much remains the same.

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When Sandton called Hot Wing Lovers Crooks

May 2014

Growing up life was simple; it was black and white.

Take food – today we have an abundance of choice from taste, culinary verve to dinning experiences to which one must take an evening jacket – when we were kids there was only “home food” and eating out.

Eating out meant a fast food treat. Even that was simple – there was fast food for blacks, like Chicken Licken and there was was fast food for whites, like KFC.

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#Flashback: The (COPE) Convention that should have been (2008)

The Convention that should have been…
November 2008

This is an op-ed that I wrote 6 years ago, nearly to the day, but for some reason or another, didn’t publish it. Reading it today I found it an interesting #flashback to the space and time we were once in. I’ve published it exactly as I wrote it, errors and all. enjoy

By all accounts, the new kid on the political block’s; Congress of the People; (CoP) convention three weekends ago was a resounding success.

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Playing Ball; The Sport of Politics

First Published in City Press November 2013

When I was in my early teens, I, just as most of the urban youngsters I knew, caught the basketball craze.

Maybe it was the hip-hop music we loved or the stellar ambassadorship of Michael Jordan, or maybe Nike just did it, but either way, wherever you went in my Hillbrow surrounds, ‘young cats were playing ball’.

The world was quickly split into those who could ball well and those who should go and buy themselves a basketball.

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A tale of two Miracles

First Published in City Press, 16 November 2014

A week ago I was walking through the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Somewhere between the photographs of the children that were being hacked to death while we were celebrating our Freedom in 1994, and a display of the weapons neighbours had used on each other, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky we were.

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