The Mail & Guardian accusses me of being a Loudmouth!!

In December 2014, the M&G, ran a feature on what they called “Social Media Loudmouths” and someone there thought it an apt description of me. They interviewed me about my feelings about and my social media work. Here’s a few moments from that interview.

It was really cool getting to talk about the online experience with Joonji Mdyogolo, a writer I admire greatly. I got to share my first tweet “Waiting for Goddot” and my observations about the newbies: “the new twelebs are racy, edgy, candid. That’s why they say, ‘black twitter has no chill’. We used to do #TwitterInTheDark in the dark; they do it the whole day.”

You can also check the rest of the feature in this link featuring some of your fav twitterati, IGers and heaven forbid, Facebookers! Some great insight into the folks we follow. It was really fun

Incidentally, the thing I said in the video about Surfing in this clip I once tweeted about. I was watching a sports show and these young dudes, barely out of high school came on, they were surfers and travelling the world. They had a number of people sponsoring them. It occurred to me that that’s what economic liberation feels like, waking up and being able to earn a living doing something that you just enjoy doing, something you may even have fallen into. Someone will support you, because they know that someone, like you, will find what you’re doing cool. And cool is a powerful social motive force. We’ll buy anything to be cool.

Anyway, it occurs to me that for many black youngsters social media is their surfing. It’s a growing medium, and everyone on it finds it cool, and who else can navigate social media cool like some of your fave twelebs and IGers?

It’s the next entertainment frontier, and like Hip-Hop and Kwaito is going to liberate so many of our folks. I’m looking forward to that.


As for the title, well, I’ve always wondered how I’d respond if the M&G ever accused me of something. This is certainly the best kind of accusation to have hurled at you 😉


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