In a NutShell: Just an Afrikan with a Vision of the Greatness of Afrika. A Lover of Sun, Song, Dance, Sea, People, Ideas, Child, Inspiration, Woman, words, Afrikan Soil & Love

Occupation: Rainmaker

location, location, location: Southern Afrika

Subjects: people, politics, pennies, painting pictures w prose, providence, problems, parties & poles, ponying-up & paying-attention, prophesies, pregnant pauses, patience, prudence, pilot projects, Perspectives, panties & pipes

A random memory:  Riding in a Red Army tank

Favorite Vacation Spot: Secluded, sunny shorelines

Personal Motto: Aspire to inspire, before you expire…

Associations: Africa 2.0, African National Congress, Archbishop Tutu Fellows, Cheesekids, Crans Montana Forum, Eye-on-Africa, Foundation for a Safe South Africa, LoveLife, Public Sector Excellence Awards

2 thoughts on “About

  1. what do you think of the current generation, and i mean the current young black people? what with this mentality that the world owers us something, we so stuck in a world that is made of dreams that we forget to wake up and follow the dreams,we complain about everything that we dont work for anything, what are your thoughts about SA and the direction its going, are you not afraid that after all the struggle heroes pass on we as the youth will sell this country back to the Europeans because we learned nothing from those who came before us.

  2. Hi Mr S, Today of all days (this stupid balloon irony day!) I cannot leave ‘well alone’ I suppose. I have to say what I’v thought all these many, many years. Up the road from where I live there is a Dumpsite near a WasteTech plant – one of thousands we have, where small children perhaps will live to see another day, hopelessly existing – undernourished, hardly clothed, barely parented. We need Socialism in the Singaporean Model. We need Kibbutz systems. I grew up dirt poor, at one stage was married to a very wealthy man + now am one of the lucky few who have little compared to what I had married, but still I have enough, and I’m grateful. Perhaps because I grew up needing the very things I mention here – strong governance, Kibbutz-systems (the one thing Israel did well I suppose) they matter so very much to me. I hope you don’t mind me addressing these concerns through this medium. May our Country see true togetherness in your lifetime – I am old, but I too hope to see it.

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