Me Tube (Video Clips)

Sights of Shaka speaking on everything from bars to bars of soap. 

Getting grilled by Chester Missing, 2013

Being interviewed on Morning Live about a dock I worked on – Tribute to the Frontline States, 2014

Being interviewed by SABC on 50th anniversary of Rivonia Trial ending, 2014

Being interviewed by Kabelo for Play Your Part, 2014

Contextualising the Israel / Palestine conflict, Port Shepston, 2014

Speaking on the Palestinian issue in Durban, 2014

Speaking on the Palestinian issue in Cape Town, 2014

My talk at THUDJozi, 2014 (be sure to check out all 4 clips)

In a panel discussion about youth voting, 2014

Being interviewed by CNBC Africa on Youth issues on Election Day, 2014

Discussion Madiba’s Legacy on Arise America, 2013

Being interviewed by Channel 4 News on Obama’s trip to SA as Madiba lay ill in hospital, 2013

Being interviewed on Up Close on SABC News, 2013

My TEDxSoweto Talk, 2012

Being Interviewed on the Expresso Show following the release of our book series – The Youngsters, 2012

In Nando’s Souperstar Campaign, 2012

As the key note speaker at Young Jewish Innovator’s event, 2012

Being interviewed by the City Press, 2012

Speaking at GIBS’ Foresight 2010

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