Why I wrote that the Youth League is Stronger than Ever…

Author’s note: well, actually I didn’t write that. The initial title of my piece was “Is the Youth League still relevant?”

I have some great sub-editors at City Press that know how to turn a phrase when creating headlines, just to get folks reading I guess. But there is a distinction between strong and relevant, and if we are being honest the League is not yet as strong or relevant as it could be. Here’s the article including some paragraphs that we cut out to fit into the word limit.

First Published in City Press on November 29th, 2014

It’s been a roller-coaster week for us young Lions.

From where I sat in one of NTT hot seats, this week had long looked like it promised drama. I could hear the e-TV man’s voice promoting the next soapie episode – “This week, in Joburg…”

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My newborn and my dlozis…

My newborn and my dlozis…

First Published in Mail & Guardian 17th April 2014

I’ve been blessed.

Actually, my whole family has been blessed – half a dozen new bundles of joy in less than a year for us, and I get to sleep next to one every night.

And I get to call him son…


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Do I want my kids growing up with Quotas & Affirmative Action? (for my white SAns)

First Published in Rapport, December 2013


My friend Waldimar (the Rapport Editor) asked me if I wanted my children to grow up in a world of Employment Equity (EE) and all the quotas and acronyms that comes with it.

It’s a profound question. One that implies an inherent threat posed by this EE.

Is there?

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Reconciling our Past. And Future

This Reconciliation Day article reflects on some of the causes of the decline of the Zulu military might prior to Blood River.

First Published in Sunday Independent December 16, 2012

An early MK flyer

An early MK flyer

Today is a glorious day; some will say.

Besides the more obvious political platitudes that engulf Mangaung today (at the ANC’s elective Conference of Dec 2012), some will point out that today is the day that the ruling party’s armed wing Umkhonto We Sizwe (MK) was formed in the days when it was still a party-non-grata in 1961.

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