I Love Stories…

First Published as the Magic of Story Time in Times & Sowetan, March 2013 

I love stories. I love storybooks.

I still remember some of my childhood stories. I can’t even say I had a favourite story – I just loved story time. Even when I was older, I made sure I had my story time. Meanwhile, my mother made sure I was always exposed to books.


When I was 11, I discovered the most interesting library. It was in an ANC camp for MK soldiers in Angola, just outside Luanda.

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Interview with a Leader…

This is from Facebook note dated Nov 22, 2010, that was inspired by the movie Interview with a Vampire starring Brad Pitt.

The central idea of the movie had then begun to inform some of my more recent interests – collecting stories of interesting influencers…

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Interview with an Idol

Hanging with the Man!

Hanging with the Man!

Just hours after SA’s latest Idols Sensation, Khaya Mthethwa, won the 2012 season, I got to interview him on Talk Radio 702 and found him every bit as cool as we all thought he was. Here is how his first on-air talk as a #winner unfolded…

Interview with an Idol