One Day a Leader?

First Published in City Press, April 14, 2013

A reflection on the One Day Leaders show I was a part of at the time. 


Many years ago two struggle figures heads were flying over Mthatha on their way to visit Madiba. One, a Dr Motlana looks out of the window as the plane comes in for landing and seeing the dire conditions of the locals asks, almost rhetorically “what can such poverty produce?” 

Quick as a flash the other, a General Holomisa responds “Leaders.”

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Black Tuesday Relived

Black Tuesday Relived

A week after SA’s press declared 4 Nov 2011 “Black Tuesday”, a throwback to the Black Wednesday of 1977 that saw the then apartheid government ban various publications and prominent journalists, I examine whether the bill in question, the Protection of State Information Bill (ominously nicknamed Secrecy Bill) is really all that it’s cracked up to be or just a storm in a teacup?

Published in Daily Maverick, 11 November 2011

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