Shaka Sisulu calls for Race War

 Earlier today I was tagged on a tweet that had this picture. 

    It explained a lot about why so many racist trolls were jumping unto my mentions on twitter and accusing me of advocating for a race war. The picture interprets the words on this tweet as being a call to a race war. 

The tweet that had this picture also contained the Hashtag #WhiteGenocide. And that’s what has prompted this blog. The blatant attempt to advance the racist propaganda that in South Africa whites are being culled and exterminated by some secret and deliberate campaign by the black govt. This is why the byline at the bottom of the picture is there to infer that this is a call for Race war and part of an ANC method or ideology. 

What balderdash. 

The reason for this propaganda is to justify any extreme counter measures on the part of the “embattled whites”. The idea is to paint black people as aggressors against which white South Africans have to defend themselves. Not too dissimilar from the defense Oscar used. This allows white South Africans to justify bearing arms, shooting to kill and emigrating for “fear for their lives”. 

What poppycock.

The tweet in question is real  however, it was part of a stream of tweets (the majority of which were obviously ignored) that came in the wake of a series of physical alterations on a number of campuses between white and black students. The fights were ostensibly about the continued use of Afrikaans as a language of instruction, but in reality the fights are unresolved proxy battles between the races over identity, history, equity and power.  

You be the judge…





The lesson? Number your tweet rants. 

And more importantly our crazy racists will grasp at any straw in a bid to affirm their delusions. Don’t allow it. 


My TEDxSoweto Talk, inspired by my late uncle Zwelakhe

My TEDxSoweto Talk, inspired by my late uncle Zwelakhe Sisulu

Entitled “Dreams of My Tata”, in┬áthis homage to uncle Zwelakhe, Shaka uses the power of imagination to travel into the future and brings back visions of a prosperous and affirmed Africa – the Africa we want, the Africa we must create”