Real Solidarity

First Published in City Press in August 2014. In memory of my hero, William Lynch Jr

Years before President Obama became the first person of colour to be elected to the highest office in the USA, the city of New York had its own Obama-Moment in the form of David Dinkins, the first and only black man to become Mayor. This was way back in 1990, around the time that Mandela was being unveiled to the world.

Dinkins and his deputy, Bill Lynch, also a black man, were huge supporters of the Anti-Apartheid movement and responsible for the huge ticker-tape parade that New York City held in Madiba’s honour when he started his 8-city tour of the US there in June of that year.  Over 700,000 people came out that day.

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The Mandela family mirrors us all

First Published in City Press July 7, 2013


When I first started to write this piece, it was to throw my trusty pen’s weight behind o’Mandela and their cry for privacy.

Inspired by one newspaper headline, the one that curiously screeched “secret family meeting”, as if anyone’s family meetings are ever public, I wanted to tell you two stories.

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A Sisulu, A Verwoed, and a Vorster walk into a coffee bar….

On meeting the grandsons of Apartheid “monsters” Verwoed and Vorster

First Published in City Press March 31, 2013

John Vorster Jr and I listen on while Carel Boshoff speaks

John Vorster Jr and I listen on while Carel Boshoff speaks

Driving down one of the town’s main roads into the morning brightness, I felt as if I had taken somewhat of a step back into time. Passing authentic Cape Dutch style buildings and the old bank which still had Eerste Nationale Bank pinned up on the wall, my little time travel ended on the steps of the local Art Museum.

I was in Stellenbosch, the last bastion of Afrikaaner might.

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A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A week ago I met the grandsons of Vorster and Verwoed. And we had tea. The guy who organised it is the young incoming editor for Rapport, City Press’ (the weekly paper I write for) sister paper. He himself comes from influential Afrikaaner stock.

This is an article in Afrikaans. Click here to take it to google translate

I will ask the author to translate it himself so that the context is correct. In the mean time enjoy this read.

Interview with my father…

First Published in City Press December 23, 2012 

Max and Shaka Sisulu

Max and Shaka Sisulu

I have always enjoyed my political chats with my father, over the years he has become more generous with his view, when I was younger he was prone to just shaking his head…

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