The Mail & Guardian accusses me of being a Loudmouth!!

In December 2014, the M&G, ran a feature on what they called “Social Media Loudmouths” and someone there thought it an apt description of me. They interviewed me about my feelings about and my social media work. Here’s a few moments from that interview.

It was really cool getting to talk about the online experience with Joonji Mdyogolo, a writer I admire greatly. I got to share my first tweet “Waiting for Goddot” and my observations about the newbies: “the new twelebs are racy, edgy, candid. That’s why they say, ‘black twitter has no chill’. We used to do #TwitterInTheDark in the dark; they do it the whole day.”

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The Gogo Stories

The Gogo Stories

Shaka and the gogos

In the aftermath of my grandmother, Albertina Sisulu’s passing, I took stock and paid homage to a darling lady of strength and warmth.

Published in Mail & Guardian Online on June 9, 2011

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