Mandela’s first words as a “Free” Man

25 years ago, after 27 years imprisonment, Mandela is finally released and proceeds to make his first public speech in three decades.

Be warned, this clip is long… and captivating.

Remembering Walter Sisulu

On the 101th anniversary Xhamela’s (Walter Sisulu’s clan-name) birth on 18 May 1912, his family remembers him fondly.

First Published in City Press 19 May 2013. Amended since


If I didn’t know better, I would think the common image of a good-natured, warm and ever-smiling revolutionary was no more than publicity for the victorious…

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The man that shaped #Gogo

The man that made #Gogo. A retrospective

First Published in Loocha Magazine, July 2011


In the last months that we shared with our beloved Gogo (grandmother), MaAlbertina Sisulu, my generation of the family increasingly found that her many moments of quiet were filled with what must surely have been happy memories of her childhood.

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