Dear John: the day I become an anti-Semite…

My response to the partner that pulled out when they saw me support #IsraeliApartheidWeek. In Daily Maverick

My newborn and my dlozis…

My newborn and my dlozis…

First Published in Mail & Guardian 17th April 2014

I’ve been blessed.

Actually, my whole family has been blessed – half a dozen new bundles of joy in less than a year for us, and I get to sleep next to one every night.

And I get to call him son…


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A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A Sisulu, a Vorster & A Boshoff by Waldimar Pelser

A week ago I met the grandsons of Vorster and Verwoed. And we had tea. The guy who organised it is the young incoming editor for Rapport, City Press’ (the weekly paper I write for) sister paper. He himself comes from influential Afrikaaner stock.

This is an article in Afrikaans. Click here to take it to google translate

I will ask the author to translate it himself so that the context is correct. In the mean time enjoy this read.

I Love Stories…

First Published as the Magic of Story Time in Times & Sowetan, March 2013 

I love stories. I love storybooks.

I still remember some of my childhood stories. I can’t even say I had a favourite story – I just loved story time. Even when I was older, I made sure I had my story time. Meanwhile, my mother made sure I was always exposed to books.


When I was 11, I discovered the most interesting library. It was in an ANC camp for MK soldiers in Angola, just outside Luanda.

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Interview with my father…

First Published in City Press December 23, 2012 

Max and Shaka Sisulu

Max and Shaka Sisulu

I have always enjoyed my political chats with my father, over the years he has become more generous with his view, when I was younger he was prone to just shaking his head…

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My TEDxSoweto Talk, inspired by my late uncle Zwelakhe

My TEDxSoweto Talk, inspired by my late uncle Zwelakhe Sisulu

Entitled “Dreams of My Tata”, in this homage to uncle Zwelakhe, Shaka uses the power of imagination to travel into the future and brings back visions of a prosperous and affirmed Africa – the Africa we want, the Africa we must create”

Who is inspiring the ‘lost’ generation?

Who is inspiring the ‘lost’ generation today?

Every Youth Day we hear “today’s youth are nothing like the youth of 1976” What should we make of this refrain?

Published on 17 June 2012 in Sunday Independent.

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